Upgrading Torsion Springs

 Torsion springs are a popular and efficient choice when it comes to garage doors. They make the job of opening and closing a garage door easier for the person and the garage door opener. Since torsion spring assemblies are quite expensive, many people are concerned with upgrading their garage door torsion springs to increase their life cycle. This article would try to illuminate the considerations that should go into upgrading a torsion spring.

It must always be noted that working with torsion spring assemblies in garage doors can be an extremely hazardous job. It would be better for the user to avail the services of a trained professional regarding jobs like these, who are aware of the risks and take necessary precautions to negate that risk. Unless the user is a professional himself, he won’t be able to take the necessary precautions and would wind up risking damage to not only his property, but also cause grave injuries, or even death, to himself.

Options For Longer Life

 The life cycle of torsion spring refers to the number of cycle it is able to go through before damaging itself. A single cycle of a torsion spring refers to both opening and closing the garage door once. It should also be noted that the life cycle rating alone does not effect the longevity of the spring, factors like corrosive environments and chips in the steel shaft also contribute in the depreciation of the spring.

The standard life cycle of a torsional spring is 10,000 cycles. Springs whose life cycles are under 10,000 are not recommended for use because they are considered to be overstressed. To increase the life cycle of a torsional spring over 10,000; a larger wire size is required. Larger wire size would increase the life cycle of the spring because a thicker wire would be required to bent more before breaking.

Increasing the wire size would also require the length of the spring to be increased, so as to maintain the same lift from the torsional spring. When you are wondering how to upgrade torsion springs, the above points will be really helpful.


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