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Thanks for visiting American Garage Doors & Openers,Inc. of Sandy Springs, where we offer for sale, service, and install the majority of garage doors and roll-up doors in Sandy Springs, Georgia and surrounding Atlanta. Call us at 678-369-3406.

Garage doors are definitely the most ignored and under-appreciated parts of the home. They account for practically 30% of the front side exterior of your home. A lot of people don’t give them a second thought, but a garage door can easily accent the style and curb appeal of your home. No other place in your residence is used as conveniently as your garage. From safe-keeping to working area, a garage can serve many uses.

How to purchase a Sandy Springs Garage Door

The main focus to having your garage door installed is selecting your garage door. This commences with choosing the size that will benefit your garage. Garage doors can be found in many various sizes which may match your garage opening. You should take very careful measurements of your garage door and after that meet up with a Sandy Springs garage door installation professional. Get the height, width, and depth measurements of your current garage door.

Deciding upon the design of your garage door is the next thing. There are a variety of different alternatives. The most crucial distinctions are usually in the panel styles. Flush panels are flat and mix very well into the exterior wall structure of your home. Flush panels are smooth and make an understated declaration of style. Short raised panels include interesting depth, and they fit nicely with colonial, Victorian or Tudor style homes.

Sandy Springs Garage Door Materials

Following design and style, picking out the materials your garage door is manufactured out of is the next essential decision. Wood is obviously the most extremely versatile with many surface finishes and styles to match any budget. They are often painted or stained. Steel garage doors come in three different versions and offer a budget friendly replacement for wooden doors. They’re either made with one sheet of galvanized steel, double layer steel garage doors or triple layer steel garage doors. Each layer delivers a higher level of protection and cost, probably the most economical is the single layer steel garage door.

Sandy Springs Insulated Garage Doors

Right now, folks are spending more time in their garages. This has become a significant issue in the retail market. Insulated garage doors keep the temperature constant in the garage and protect it from the elements. The insulation ratings of doors are noted which has an “R” rating. In chilly climates, you ought to have at the very least an R-3 but might need to increase to an R-10 or higher. Together with finding the correct insulation rating, you should look at weatherizing your entire garage to keep energy costs low.

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